Amir is the child of Arab immigrants. You can not deport them as stateless Palestinians, you do not want to include them either. But without a residence permit no work permit, without work no arrival. A spiral of rejection, frustration, anger and crime shapes the lives of Amir and his family.

Amir is driven by the yearning for a „better“ life. At first, from his perspective, this is simply a life of wealth. But when he meets Hannah and falls in love with her, that changes his view of the world, of his own life circumstances. He tries to escape his fate. The story of Amir tells of a migrant youth in today‘s Germany: between total refusal and desperate desire for adjustment, between hyphen identity and clan affiliation.


Fittings /  Dyeing procedures / Rehearsal support /Documentation of the scenario / Advice costume design / Calculation and maintenance of the Bugets / Orders and purchases / Adjustments of fundus costumes / Arrangements with director, tailor, costume department, actors and producer


Regie: Nicola Oder

Bühne: Franziska Hornkamm

Künstlerische Beratung: Clara Topic-Matutin 

Live-Zeichnungen: Bente Theuvsen  

Kostümbild: Vera Schindler 

Musik: Heiko Schnurpel
cast: Tamer Arslan, Laura Balzer, Elwin Chala, Nora Quest, Owen Read, Burak Yigit