„Der zerbrochene Krug“ 

(engl.The broken Jug)

DRAFT PROJECT in summer semester 2016


broken Jug is set in afictional province in the Netherlands. To describe the Tristesse, I imagine the entire color concept of the costume and stage design including the make up of the figures in shades of eggshell colors, ocher shades and yellow shades. Black and brown shades create accents and underline structures and contours. The figure „Eve“ also stands out with a richly colorful floral arrangement in her hair. The setting of colors refers to a conservative social structure that lies like a veil over this society and cries to be broken up. The film „Pleasentville“ (1998) and the lyrics by Nina Hagen „Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen“ (1974) serve as an aesthetic model. The conception of the costume design also refers to the paradise story of „Adam and Eve“, which is taken up in the play. Eve‘s colorful flowers symbolize the seduction that leads to the plot of Adam‘s intrigues and corruption and driving the plot of„The Broken Jug“.